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6 Tips to Writing Effective Google AdWords Ads

6 Tips to Writing Effective Google AdWords Ads

As a Paid Search Agency we are continually reviewing all types of Adwords Accounts from a variety of different size organisations and sectors.  From our AdWords Account Reviews we come across many common errors in the set up and execution of the Ad’s so we thought we would share some with you.

Below are some key tips on how to improve your Ad’s within your AdWords campaigns:

  1. What are you competitors doing?
    An excellent way to start the Ad Creation process is to analyse what your competitors are doing.By simply searching Google for the keywords you wish to target you can generate a great understanding of what businesses in your industry are doing with their AdWords account. This allows you to quickly slip into the shoes of your potential customers and ask yourself whether the ads shown would convince you to click on their link and go to their site.  Also check out their landing pages – are thy sending you to their home page, product page or have they used a specific landing pages.  As an agency we have a number of tools at our disposal to allow us to dig deeper to understand what ads they use the most which gives us that added insight.This process enables you to understand what works and does not. The lessons learnt from your competitors will strengthen your ability to create a successful PPC Ad for your business.
  2. Your USP’s?
    Outline your businesses’ USP within your advert. Start by making a list of these and look to see how you can integrate these into your Ad copy.  Remember to test which USP’s result in the higher click through or conversion rate by creating multiple ads for each keyword.An increased Click Through Rate (CTR) will improve your quality score, therefore reducing the amount you pay per click.
  3. Use a Full Stop
    Thirdly, an important trick that often goes unused in Google AdWords is making your first description line a full sentence. By ending your description line with a form of punctuation, Google will automatically move the description line into the headline if your ad appears in the top couple of spots on Google’s search results. This can be incredibly useful tool to help your business stand out amongst a crowd of similar looking advertisements.
  4. Good Use of Ad Extensions
    We can use ad extensions to provide a valuable way to improve the size of your ad and make it more appealing to users. Ad extensions include extra information about your business and as a result can entice extra clicks. Businesses are not charged extra for adding ad extensions and therefore this should be utilised.Sitelink extensions, for example, provide links to specific pages/ services on your website. These show below your ad’s text. By adding sitelink extensions, businesses are providing potential customers with extra information and more reasons to click on your link over your competitors.
  5. Add Effective Call to Actions
    Another tip to improve your AdWords Ads is to include call to actions within your text ads. Call-to-actions such as ‘Looking for …?’ and ‘Want a …?’ for example, can help to improve your ad’s success.These call to actions relay to potential customers what service you are offering and implies your business can provide these and as a result can achieve more clicks.
  6. Relevant Landing Pages
    Our sixth and final tip is to match your ads to your landing page. This can be critically important to ensure visitors do not leave your website immediately after landing on your site. If visitors are unable to find the product/service they clicked your advert for they are likely to leave your site immediately which will mean you will be charged for the click but will not achieve any return on investment.This situation occurs simply if the advert has misguided visitors to expect to be shown the product/ service when they click on your ad. By ensuring visitors are directed to the page they were looking for improves the likelihood of these visitors staying on your website and making a purchase/ enquiry.In addition Google will reward you with a higher Quality Score and therefore a lower Cost per Click.

Use these tips to get ahead of the competition and ensure your business is getting the best Return on Investment possible.  If you would like a no obligation review of your current set up please click here.


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