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An SEO and Lead Generation Relationship

An SEO and Lead Generation Relationship

A general view of marketing has always been a factor in whether your product or service will be successful in any niche. As marketing strategies have developed in correlation with technology over the last decade, digital marketers are always springing questions to mind to which medium marketing strategy is the most effective. Organisations want the best return on their investment, right?

Let’s take a step back and have a think about digital marketing strategies. These strategies can come in many different forms, but nevertheless, let’s start with stating the obvious ones; paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, mobile display advertising, social marketing and the list goes on. However as SEO gurus we can see a lot of potential in the relationship SEO and lead generation have, but do you?

Whether you’re a business-to-business consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) organisation, the SEO strategies in 2015 have to be targeted to relevant sectors of your market where your content for example adds value to their website in the same way it does to your website.

Remember when good old Matt Cutts alerted the SEO sphere of the fall off guest blogging? If not, let me jog your memory.  January 2014 saw Matt Cutts jump in front of the camera to explain how Google will be referring to this strategy as a spammy practise and if you are doing it a lot, you will be saying “sorry, never again!”. Whereas, for us white-hat SEO folks, this is good news and it is even better for the relationship of SEO and lead generation.

In past years, SEO has outdone PPC and social media marketing for lead generation conversions which we expect will be the case for the next few years. Content is KING – yes I am sure you have it heard it before. Although it is key. Let your content do the talking. Let your content build its own links with minimal effort. Content does not just have to be blogs, content can be anything from videos, visuals, press releases, community projects, sponsoring events, trade shows and so much more. Taking that content and analysing it in an SEO fashion and then reaching out to those sites you think never will accept your past guest posts can effectively make your working month or maybe your year.  Let’s say our clients get a sale from the content added to a site in the B2B network from a specific site – the lead generation here is acquiring new contacts in the market whilst also seeing a ROI on the SEO front.

A customer emphasis lead generation strategy that focuses on an end result will always be beneficial and successful. A strategy can be used to increase conversions through organic sources and referrals for example or a website could have bespoke landing pages convincing a visitor to reach the end goal flow. Whatever the goal is, lead generation plays a vital role in applying the correct SEO strategies which in itself supports general marketing campaigns.

Tips On How To Make The SEO & Lead Generation Relationship Stronger:

  • Research your market inside out
  • Target those sites that are closely related – not just any old blog. Maybe community initiatives, government and educational schemes?
  • Remember to construct your content in a way where it will first add value to your targeted site then think about how they can add value to you.
  • Aim to provide information with the content rather than to sell. First impressions count, otherwise you may just have wasted a valuable opportunity. That leads me to say do not collate content for search purposes rather a brand impression – host a webinar?
  • Engage in online channels where conversion rates are high in your market.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep – the lead relationship needs to be developed with trust from both sides.

Typically generating leads is an essential part of developing any organisation but with SEO your first challenge should be to get your brand message across with your service and products and how your organisation can add value. Search has come a long way in recent years – this is just the basic to generate leads. Incorporating, social media, content, conversion rate optimisation together as a digital marketing mix will make your SEO and lead generation campaigns stronger together.

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