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May Google Announcements

May Google Announcements

Google never stop evolving their products and services and this month is no different. Google have made two announcements; a brand change of Webmaster tools to Google search console and the introduction of Tweets to appear in ‘real-time’ in Google search results.

Google and Twitter Partnership

Google and Twitter have just announced a deal to make tweets visible as soon as they are posted. Currently, only Bing and Yahoo search results show Tweets.

This partnership is hoped to benefit both parties as well as improve user experience for their users. In regards to Twitter, this deal will make Tweets more searchable and promote engagement and usage. For Google, the deal will enable Google to provide more real-time information for its users on their Google search results.

A similar deal between the two companies to deliver search results started in late 2009. That deal met many challenges in its short journey and ended in 2011. This latest deal will include real-time data, which wasn’t present last time, and as a result is expected to be of greater use for users.

For users, this feature is firstly being rolled out in the US and will only affect mobile Google search results initially. Google and Twitter then plan to expand the service to more countries before rolling it out on desktop platforms.

Webmaster Tools evolves to Google search console:

For the past ten years, Webmasters tools has been the go-to tool for analysing website data. Originally designed as a method to submit site maps. Webmaster tools has now evolved to provide a plethora of tools and metrics to help webmasters. Its popularity as a tool has continue to grow and grow…

So you’re probably thinking, Hey Google ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?

Well… in Google’s opinion it was ‘broke’. Google’s main position behind the update has been to become more inclusive. Google believe the name webmaster tools creates a glass wall for individuals who think they must be a webmaster to be able to use webmaster tools well or at all. This is untrue and Google want to correct this.

Google are well aware of the fact that webmaster tools is actually used by a whole host of people for very different reasons, including and not limited to: hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers and webmasters. For this reason, Google felt the name webmaster tools did not appeal or properly reflect the roles of its users.

To counter this Google has decided to implement a name change to Search Console. One of the most universal objectives for users of webmaster tools is to make their website searchable on Google Search. Due to this Google believe the word Search encompasses all those that use webmaster tools in their quest to make their website searchable.

For veterans of webmaster tools this update by Google will only be noted as nothing more than a cosmetic face-lift which will be rolled out over the coming weeks. On the other hand, Google hope that this re-branding exercise to Search Console will open the door to more new users of all types to use their services.


In conclusion, Google continue to innovate and update their products/ services for the benefit of its users. This month’s announcements are aimed at improving user experience. Google want their Google search console to more inclusive and to better represent its users and additionally Google see value in providing real-time information from Twitter within their search results for its users.

We do not expect these changes to impact the overall user experience of Google, however, these subtle tweaks and changes allow Google to stay on top by continually striving to provide users with the best possible experience.





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