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PPC Agency

A well thought through PPC campaign will get your business ahead of the competition through greater reach and cheaper cost per clicks. If done incorrectly you see little return with an ever increasing depletion from your marketing budget.


We work with clients either on their first steps into the world of Paid Search, or taking over existing campaigns to improve performance and generate a healthy ROI.


Don’t forgot the other tools available – remarketing, display and other platforms such as Bing.

Working with Chillibyte’s PPC Team they heavily optimised our Pay-per-click marketing campaigns, reduced costs and increased conversions.

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No Minimum Terms. Your Peace of Mind.


Quality Score


Getting and maintaining high Quality Scores is the cornerstone of achieving the cheapest cost per clicks. In essence every keyword has a quality score out of 10. The higher the quality score the cheaper you have to pay per click in relation to your competitors bids giving you a real advantage.


We have access to the latest tools and have developed a methodology to achieve the best quality scores possible. The cornerstone of high quality scores are account structure, ad copy relevancy, landing page relevancy and great click through rates.




Remarketing allows you to target people that have visited your website but have not made the purchase or filled out the necessary enquiry form.


Before website visitors leave your website, we implement the remarketing cookie onto the users browsers, which allows users to continue browsing the web and are able to “remind” them of their visit to your site.


We find this form a marketing to be a highly effective and generally low cost of squeezing those extra sales out of your existing web traffic.


Display Advertising thrown into the digital marketing mix is a great way of gaining brand and product awareness to those that are not necessarily searching for your product.  


If you understand what demographics your potential customers belong, then we start to know what kind of website and interest they would look at on the web.


By knowing this we are then able to target specific websites that match those interests and grab their attention through effective banner creative and enticing offers or promotions. 

Google Premier and Bing Partners

We are delighted to have been made a Google Premier Partner which reflects the level of service and PPC performance we deliver. It is a clear indication that we out perform other agencies and can handle large Paid search budgets.
This is something that we are very proud of and to give you some idea this is delivered to just the to 3% of Agencies in the UK.

The badge recognises companies that excel with Google’s products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy, and they use Google best practices.”

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