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The PPC Process Explained

The activities that we carry out for any PPC Campaign are outlined below.  The extent of the activities are dependent on the budget allocated for each project which determined by the competitive nature of the keywords an monthly spend.

  • Initial Stage

    • Kick off meeting to establish KPI’s and available spend
    • Access added for Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts
    • Full search analysis and keyword research
    • Keywords sign off based on relevancy, cpc and traffic
    • Current Landing page analysis and discussion

  • Campaign Build

    • Formulation of optimal Account Structure
    • Campaign and Ad Groups built on Keyword themes
    • Ad copy creation with 2 test as minimum for each adgroup
    • Landing page suggestions discussed and implemented
    • Upload to Google Adwords / Bing for final check and sign off

  • Campaign Launch

    • Campaign Budget set for daily & monthly ad spend
    • Maximum Cost per Click set per adgroup based on research
    • Tracking Code added for future performance analysis
    • Landing Page tweaks where required
    • Campaign live with close initial monitoring

  • Ongoing Optimisation

    • Keyword bid management such as first page bridgers
    • Further Keyword suggestions based on performance data
    • Ad Creative optimisation based on CTR and Conversion Rates
    • Ad Extensions CTR and Conversion Rates analysed
    • Remarketing discussed and implemented if required

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