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Integrated SEO Agency


Chillibyte is an SEO agency that has grown from a small start-up to one of the most exciting digital businesses around. Today we service companies of all sizes, from small local businesses to “household names”. Rather than being jack of all trades and master of none, we specialise in SEO and search as a core discipline, with everything we do aimed to support the objective of increased organic search traffic.


SEO has moved on significantly in recent years. Many older techniques are now out-dated – and are either less effective than before, or even downright harmful.


In 2022 you need a partner who understands the very latest Google changes such as BERT, and focuses purely on safe, predictable tactics for traffic generation.


Our goal is simple; we want to help you to grow your business in a sustainable, “Google-safe” manner. To this end we utilise a suite of strategies all designed to help increase qualified traffic to your website. The end result is measurable growth for your business through increased leads or customers.


We’re so confident in our results that we’re happy to offer a no-obligation SEO audit of your current website. We’ll investigate suitable keywords, we’ll dig into what is working for your competitors and provide a detailed route-map to take your site to the next level. Why not get in contact today?


What to Expect


SEO is rather like driving a car. It isn’t enough to merely understand the techniques involved; instead you need to apply the right processes in the right situation. Nuance is really key – and that’s where Chillibyte’s extensive experience (and results) come into play.


Our bespoke approach is what helps to set us apart from other agencies.


After a detailed audit of your digital footprint we’ll be able to propose a specific plan-of-action based on your unique business, taking into account factors such the market you’re servicing, the competitive landscape and the opportunities you may not have discovered yourself.


Here’s just a small fraction of what you can expect from our SEO services…

Chillibyte have far exceeded our expectations and delivered impressive results through their knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional approach to SEO.

                MBI International 

Landscape Audit


Modern SEO has more risks than ever before. It therefore makes sense to start off any new SEO campaign with a thorough audit of the strategies which have been applied to your site in the past.


Such an audit allows us to identify any concerns, and seek immediate solutions to these.


Just as importantly, however, it allows us to gain a full understanding of your vertical. We look at how your site stands in comparison to your competitors, and what techniques the top-ranking sites in your market are doing right.


We then start your campaign fully-armed with all the necessary information to generate positive results as swiftly (and safely) as possible.

Keyword Research


Keyword research is a critical part of the puzzle. Targeting the wrong keywords can lead to all manner of issues, from a lack of traffic to low-qualified visitors.


Our keyword research wizards will therefore work with you to fully understand the type of customers you’d like to be attracting. We’ll carry out extensive research and select the keywords most appropriate for your specific business.


In doing so you can feel confident that we have selected the ideal keywords for your website.  

No Minimum Terms. Your Peace of Mind.


Onsite Optimisation


Your website is becoming ever more important in ranking in the search engines. From the technical aspects such as how quickly your site loads, to the content that is on the page. Every element has an impact on your search engine rankings – either positive or negative.


We’ll work closely with you to propose any changes necessary to maximize your chances of ranking. Where appropriate we may be suggest the creation of new pages in order to target additional keyword phrases.


Content Marketing


There’s no two ways about it; the more useful your website is to visitors the easier you will find it to grow your traffic.


An integral part of our process therefore involves making your site as value-driven as possible. With your agreement we aim to produce content that will attract your ideal customers as well as links from other websites.


Whether this takes the form of a blog on your site, or a key number of new static pages, the aim is always the same; to attract additional visitors and links through the production and promotion of high-value content pieces.

Lets us take a “no obligation” review of your SEO strengths and weaknesses


White Hat Link Building


With a full audit completed, keywords selected and your site optimized we then set about building links that will increase your authority – and hence your rankings and traffic.


Link building is possibly the least-understood element of all. We aim to generate the highest quality links possible to your site. Links that really improve rankings and traffic. And links that protect you from future Google algorithm changes.


The nature of these links differ on a case-by-case basis, but in the last few weeks we have succeeded in landing links from everyone from local government sites to a range of universities.


Our goal at Chillibyte is quality over quantity. You won’t find us building 200 links in your first month with us, but the links you do land will be worth their weight in gold for increasing your digital footprint.

What Our Clients Say