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Who We Are

Chillibyte’s core skill is delivering relevant traffic to your website.  This is achieved either through Organic SEO techniques or PPC campaigns for both the Search and Display Networks.


However we go further than that.   We understand that once people arrive on your website the journey has only just began. There is no point delivering the traffic if it does not convert, and that is why we have a further team to ensure that those visitors convert to sales or enquires. We understand that a successful project is the combination of many parts across multi disciplines.


Based in our rural offices in Horsham on the Surrey Sussex border, our team of digital professionals, ranging from SEO and PPC Experts, web designers and UX Conversion Strategists work with a range of clients from small local companies to larger national PLC’s.


Since ChilliByte won the contract to provide our PPC & SEO we’ve been delighted with the improvement in visitor’s numbers and onsite conversions.

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How we work

We’re going to challenge you before you have even started your journey with us. We have to, because we know from experience that you will get the most out of our team and the best possible results for your project.

Our main objective is to deliver solutions that will help your business to grow. So we need to know more about you, your products, your brand, your typical order value, length of sales cycles. The more we know the more empowered we are to develop a solution that is effective to your market.

We started with no SEO position. Chillibyte worked hard to understand our competitors, our existing assets and business goals . They dealt with the complex issues around Google changing its algorithms and responding in a timely fashion.

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What Our Clients Say