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Google Adwords – Sitelinks for Mobile ads

Google Adwords – Sitelinks for Mobile ads

One of the tools in your armoury in creating effective ads that generate good click through rates, is use of  compelling sitelinks.

Sitelinks are the links that appear under your ad and can link users to various pages on your website.  Not only does this help with improving your conversion rates, but well written sitelinks can make your ad more appealing to the users and drive up click through rates and ultimately Quality Scores.

However, there are a few extra points that are worth considering when you are creating your ads and sitelinks for your mobile versions.  We know that Google has said that mobile preference ads get some “preferential” SERP’s when shown on tablets or Smartphones and this is pretty much understood.  People are now getting used to creating multiple ad versions for devices (if not you need to start!) but what is often overlooked is that the mobile preference can also be applied to site links.

This means you can think differently to how a user on a phone may want to interact with your website using your site links or how the wording can be made more compelling to the user on a mobile with more direct relevance. It is also very pertinent to websites that have a separate mobile version, as users can be correctly redirected to the right url.

If you choose not to create the mobile preference site links then Adwords will simply insert your desktop versions as a default which, in some cases, could have a dramatic effect on lowering conversion rates and therefore reduce your Quality Scores.

A final factor to consider is that Google Adwords requires you to add six site links for mobile preference ads otherwise it will fill up the rest from your standard campaign.  This is a really important point as you could do all the hard work and then still be sending users to the wrong pages that perhaps are not mobile optimsed or are not on the mobile version of your website

Recent studies as mentioned on Google’s own site show that campaigns and ads that run sitelinks have CTR up to 30% more than other ads without sitelinks.  The importance therefore, is crucial to get right in your campaign.

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